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My Article

The article listed below is from any author that I have collected. I like writing an article because it can teach how to analyze and to give an argument about something that I agree or not. The idea about writing an article is from reading the book or from my observationg. If you like writing an article and you want to publish it. This is the right place you can send your best article. The topic is free as long you are follow the rule (no harrasment, no phornography or something abused). I will be glad to accept it and put it in my website. Send it in .txt format or .zip in order to manage it more easier. Thank you just keep watch out.

No Title Author Language Description
1. The Art Of War Sun Tzu - Trans by Lionel Giles English The oldest military trestise in the world. Click to download it
2. Linux Sistem Operasi Masa Depan Johanes Gunawan Indonesia I make it for my paper in "Kapita Selekta" Class. Click to download it
3. Cina - Superpower Asia Johanes Gunawan Indonesia Cina is the big nation who will thret USA. Click to read it