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John's Personal Website History

The Story...

The history began with the my first experience about internet about 1997-1998. My knowledge about internet just browsing and chatting. I've got my first experience is from my campus "Bina Nusantara University" was providing Cyber Access Club. The price for internet was very cheap, it's cost about Rp. 20,000/month and Rp. 20,000/20 hour. Is the cost cheap ? Well the first my homepage building is with page wizard that provided by It's name WarriorZ Homepage but that's a failed project because it's to bad and not attractive. I don't know about HTML code in that yeat, but in the early 1999 I started HTML code learning from my campus but it's just a basic. Well after that you can read the history table below this text...

The First Website Edition

This is the first my homepage building with non a page wizard tools but I grab it from another pages and I edit it with Microsoft Front Page. I started use FTP program to upload this file on internet.
But it doesn't means I was blind about HTML coding. I knew about HTML Coding but it was limited.
Thank's God from Microsoft Front Page (It doesn't mean to advertise this software) I know about Web building so it made me interested. What do you think about this page ?
Is it to simple or something else ?

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The Second Website Edition

This is the second my homepage building with Macromedia Dreamweaver. I make it with my own idea and I try to use Frame. The result is better than the first one but unfortunately this is my fail project because it has been not upated yet until I made the new one. The website evolved become dynamic eventhogh there are many broken link. Java Applet and Flash animation were decorating the website.

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