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My Profile

Hi My name is Johanes Gunawan. I am from Jakarta the capital city of Indonesia. I was graduated from Bina Nusantara University. The best computer university in Indonesia. You can find my curiculum vitae right here in my page for the company who is seek employee for a job candidacy. I hope this short brief will become your consideration.



Full Name           : Johanes Gunawan, S.Kom
Address             : Jln. Mardani Raya No. V Rt 006 Rw 09 Jakarta Pusat 10560 Indonesia
Place/Date of Birth : Jakarta/February 28, 1978
Telephone           : Home (6221) 4249072
Mobile Phone        : 0815-8861907
Sex                 : Male
Religion            : Christian


1. Graduated from SD "Umum", Jakarta              (1984 - 1990)
2. Graduated from SLTP "Fransiskus III", Jakarta  (1990 - 1993)
3. Graduated from SMU "Kristen Kanaan", Jakarta	  (1993 - 1996)
4. Holding Bachelor degree from Bina Nusantara 
   University, Jakarta majoring in Computerized 
   Accounting Systems                             (1996 - 2000)


1. Passed course at "Binus Training" in "Web Basic", May 2001 
   until June 2001.
2. Taking course at "Binus Training" in "Web Programmer Based On NT", 
   June 2001 until Oktober 2001.


I am familiar with MSOffice 95-2000, MS Windows 9X/ME, Lotus 123, 
Visio 2000, Macromedia Dreamweaver 3.0-4.0, Microsoft FrontPage 2000, 
Homesite 4.51, Macromedia Flash 5.0, HTML 4.0/DHTML and internet. I 
have abilities for using Adobe Photoshop 6.0, Ulead Gif Animator 4.0, 
Linux, Windows NT, Foxpro. I have knowledge about Computer Troubleshooting, 
and Networking Concept. 

1. Technical support at PT. ELINDO DATA LESTARI, (April 1996-September 1996).
   Job Description:
      a> Hardware & software installation including networking installation.
      b> Training a computer skill to customers.

2. Accounting staff at GKI BUNGUR Foundation, (August 1997-July 2000).
   Job Description:
      a> Recording foundation's daily transaction.
      b> Posting foundation's daily transaction.
      c> Reconciling of Balance Account such as Bank, account receivable, account payable, etc.
      d> Making foundation's financial statement such as income statement, balance sheet and cash flow. 

3. Accounting staff at PT STARSURYA PERKASA, (August 2000-February 2001).
   Job Description:
      a> Recording company's daily transaction.
      b> Posting to company's general ledger.
      c> Reconciling of Balance Account such as Bank, account receivable, account payable, etc.
      d> Making company's financial statement such as income statement, balance sheet.

This CV made truly to support my application letter.

Jakarta, 07 June 2001

Johanes Gunawan


Halo Visitor ! I am sorry, I can't give you some of my picture but you can guess where is my position ? This picture capture at puncak 1996-1997 while we were taking campus holiday....

Pick me baby ! I was watching you I want to be Prince Naseem Hamid Shut up, Iam concentrate right now Choose me you will never regret ! I am the happiest man in the world ! I am the chief, everybody respect me. Hahahaha !
Wanna guess ? Just click one of that people in the picture that have maped.