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What's New Today ?
Author : Johanes Gunawan

Posted : Thursday, 24th May 2001


Welcome to my website, visitors! I am really glad to see you right here in my website :) I am happy that at lasts my website project has already done. Maybe some of you had visited my website before which I didn't update recently, so I want to apologize for that.

Ok, I want to ask you some question before you surfing this website. Do you see "John's Personal Website" text scrolling? If you see that text isn't scrolling, it means that your browser doesn't support it. Unfortunately only Internet Explorer 4.0 above supports <marquee> tag.

There are something new inside this page. You will see My Friends, it told about my friends around me. My Article you will see the precious and interested article about politic, religion, etc. My Hot News, is the breaking news that happened in Indonesia or world. If you love Final Fantasy you must click My FF Gallery. And there are many-many links that you have to try it.

"The revolution is never end !"

Did you hear that sentence before ? The first Indonesian President named Soekarno has said this sentence before to Indonesian People. It means that the Indonesian development and the struggle against colonialism is never end. That sentence has made me to develop this website never end until my last blood. I once frustrated before because I met a lot of difficulties for develop this. As an example I have a little time to update or the theme for my website.

Give up ? Off course not, I am taking course to develop my skill, even though that's just a basic, but you see there is no dreamweaver or frontpage even page wizard that provided by web server such as yahoo, tripod, etc. This is a record for me to make this with notepad or homesite or cute HTML but there is no click and drag even though it exhausted.

But I told you Dreamweaver or Frontpage still important for make a lot web pages faster. If you are using Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage but you don't have HTML tag knowledge before, undirectly it can make you blind about HTML coding because your knowledge just to click and drag. (sorry it means your skill is not developing). Maybe you will become a web designer as said by my instructors but you won't be a web programmer (that's my dream).

The road for my development skill still waiting ahead and the development this website still waiting ahead. So what's next ? Just Surf it !
"The Revolution is never end !"


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